Listen to Obuchiteck 1 !

With a typical DJ there is a typical DJ background.

Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, obuchiteck was fortunate enough to have a strong grasp of music. He has a Puerto Rican mother from Chicago who constantly played and talked about music, from the Beach Boys to the soulful-ness of Nina Simone, and a father from Breathitt, Kentucky who also loved music. Obuchiteck's music carrier actually was playing bluegrass with his family, a loving, smart, and open family whose tastes and motto follow the ideas "variety is the spice of life" and "life without music is a tragedy". Thus an unpredictable apprentice to the electronic world was born.


"It's not the great trix that make a DJ. You have to respect the crowd and their intelligence. If you know your music, enjoy the music, and play with love, you will be rewarded with the crowd's love."

obuchiteck's History:

  • age 13- attended his first Rave
  • age 18- he and two other friends opened an underground night club (They were too young to get a liquor license.)
  • age 15-21 paid homage to the electronic scene buy helping develop, from scratch, a music scene in central Kentucky.
  • age 26- moved to Chicago with his fiancé, started DJing with various Chicago crews:
    • Intergrüv works - Respect / Respect II
    • Uriel Promotions - various parties
    • Lithium night club - Ran an open turntable night
    • The Mutiny - Weekend Resident promotions

  • age 27 - married his second half and got the extra fuel to bring his music and Chicago's music to the next level.
  • age 28 and on- Watch out here he comes!
Watch him play and you'll realize what enthusiasm is. obuchiteck is never shy, yet humble enough to approach, confident enough to take a chance, creative enough to keep the crowd happy, and an all around professional.

Contact obuchiteck: obuchiteck (at) monstrobe (dot) com